Ethical Hacking Tools Discord Remote Administration Tool – Post Exploitation Framework

Discord Remote Administration Tool – Post Exploitation Framework

Discord Remote Administration Tool fully written in Python3. This is a RAT controlled over Discord with over 20 post exploitation modules.

This tool is for educational use only, the author is not going to be held liable for any misuse of this tool.
This is my first project on github as such this project is way from excellent , I’ll hearken to any criticism as long as it’s constructive.

Setup Guide:
You will first have to register a bot with the Discord developer portal after which add the bot to the server that you really want. Once the bot is created copy the token of your bot and paste it at line 11.

Now on go on discord , go to the settings , go to appearance , scroll to the underside , and activate “Developer Mode”,now go to the server where your bot added right click on the channel where you need the bot to post , click copy ID and eventually , paste the ID within the parenthesis in line 99.

Install requirements (“pip3 install -r requirements.txt”)

Then if steps above were successful after launching the python file, or executable , it’s going to post a message on the server with a generated uuid , all that’s left to do is posting “!interact ” with the given uuid.
Now your bot needs to be available to make use of !


Compiling to exe (optional):
If you ought to compile the bot to exe you should utilize PyInstaller.
Inside the directory of the bot execute

“PyInstaller –onefile –noconsole” or “python3 -m PyInstaller –onefile –noconsole DiscordRAT(NoCV).py (or”

If an error occurred during compiling attempt to import the discord module “PyInstaller –onefile –noconsole –hidden-import=discord”

If you will have issues with the installation of win32api or other modules , strive installing it in a python virtual environment.
There are two python files one has opencv and webcam related modules the opposite doesn’t, this has been done because open-cv adds multiple dozens of megabytes to the compiled .exe file.

Download Discord RAT


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