Ethical Hacking How to Identify Hacked Email Addresses Using Maltego OSINT Tool

How to Identify Hacked Email Addresses Using Maltego OSINT Tool

This article is a part of the Maltego OSINT tutorial, the place you’ll learn to determine the already hacked account, and it’s password utilizing the open-source tools. While doing the hacking, the very first part of attacking any target is to carry out reconnaissance, which suggests gathering information concerning the target till a specific vulnerability or loophole makes itself obvious. There are a number of methods to collect information, however essentially the most well-known one, favorable by hackers is to use Open Source Intelligence or OSINT.

OSINT lets the user scraping information from public channels. OSINT consists of any information that’s acquired from free and open sources about a person or group. The approach helps to search for human errors, people that will not appear to comply with their security policy and let their group’s resources to be at risk.

There are many OSINT tools out there for information gathering, however to give you the option to clear up extra advanced questions like who would be the particular person that’s extra probably to be concerned in a data breach, then Maltego is your best option!

Maltego is an Open Source Intelligence and forensics software developed by Paterva. It comes pre-build with Kali Linux, however you possibly can install it on any operating system. This tool is used to clear up extra advanced questions by taking it a single piece of information, then discovering hyperlinks to extra components of data relating to it. Finally, it offers a whole huge image when it comes to graphs to visualize the output.

It has a number of features which can be stated to be Transforms, which pull the associated information through API pulls after which evaluating the gathered data that tends to give significant information.

Having stated that, in our case, we would like to determine if any employees have violated their security policy and entered their work e-mail address right into a third-party web site. Also, we would like to know if there’s a breach of credentials what are the precise passwords {that a} target has misplaced.

Have I Been Pwned Transform

Maltego got here with a wide range of transforms that may observe display names, e-mail addresses, aliases, and different items of information hyperlinks to a company; some are paid whereas others can be found as free.

We can be utilizing a free remodel ‘Have I Been Pwned’ that’s comparatively easier and simpler. This remodel takes an e-mail address and question from a database that accommodates all of the data associated to compromised accounts, e-mail addresses, passwords, places, and different private information. This database is maintained by security professionals to let customers get acknowledged if a specific e-mail address has been compromised with out the data of a user.

In a web model of Have I Been Pwned, we will solely check a single e-mail at a time, however in Maltego as a transformer, a number of emails might be checked in a single click!

Identify Vulnerable Email Addresses utilizing Maltego

You can use Maltego on any operating system; we’re utilizing this tool on Kali Linux. It comes pre-installed on Kali, so no want to get within the set up steps; simply open it from the Kali terminal.

Identify Vulnerable Email Addresses using Maltego

It will ask which model you need to use. We will use a Community model as it’s free, however nonetheless, we want to make an account on Paterva.

Once you make an account and log in, you’re going to get the primary page of the remodel hub. Here you possibly can see there are numerous transforms out there during which some are free whereas others are paid.

Luckily the Have I Been Pwned remodel comes free in Maltego, so that you simply have to install it.

Transform Hub

Now, after putting in the remodel, you want to conduct your investigation by creating a brand new graph. You can create it by clicking the doc icon on the highest left nook.

clicking the document icon on the top left corner

After creating the doc, you’ll find ‘Entity Palette’ on the left nook, from the place you possibly can add completely different entities (domains, units, Groups, firms, and so forth.) in your canvas. Just drag and drop the merchandise you need to examine.

We can be ranging from including a single level i.e., Domain.

DomainYou should specify the Domain you need to target. In our case, the target domain is

Getting Email Addresses

Right-click on the domain and sort e-mail, you will notice a number of choices that are paid and free. We will use a free one, i.e., ‘Email addresses in PGP key servers.’

Getting Email Addresses

And we bought a bunch of e-mail addresses.

And we got a bunch of email addresses.

We can get extra e-mail addresses from pastebin that may be a fashionable web application for storing and sharing text.

Select all the e-mail addresses and right-click on it, kind paste the place you will notice an option ‘Get all pastes featuring the email address,’ Select this option.

Select this option.You will see a bunch of entities in your graph names as ‘Pastebin.’ Click a type of Pastebin to get a URL.


On browsing the URL, you may be redirected to a Pastebin page the place you possibly can find the e-mail addresses of the fascinating Domain, simply search for it.

We bought positioned one e-mail address of, copy it from right here, and paste it on the Maltego graph., copy it from hereYou also can use The Harvester, a tool for gathering e-mail accounts, subdomain names, virtual hosts, open ports/ banners, and employee names from completely different public sources (search engines, PGP key servers).

In this fashion, you possibly can accumulate as many e-mail addresses as attainable and get the specified data set to target.

many email addresses

Searching for The Breached Accounts

After getting the data set now, it is possible for you to to search for the breached e-mail addresses. Select all of the addresses from the entity listing and right-click on it, kind ‘breach’ the place you’re going to get an option ‘Get all breaches of an email address,’ choose that option.

Searching for The Breached Accounts

It will take some time to run the remodel. We will see as this remodel finishes operating, completely different outcomes present up.

transform finishes running

Email has been breached in a Dailymotion database breach in addition to, database breaches.

Right-click one the breach you need to study, i.e.,

Type ‘breach’ and choose an option ‘Enrich breached domain’.

database breach

It reveals the user has signed up together with his firm account on Dailymotion and therefore losses up his e-mail address, passwords, and usernames, as proven under.

Additionally, it features a brief description of what was occurred with the database breach.

database breach

Furthermore, we will see the e-mail addresses that haven’t breached.

email addresses that haven’t breachedDiscovering Actual Passwords

This remodel reveals that what data have been misplaced by people. Extracting precise credentials might be uncommon, but it surely may very well be attainable that we will find breached passwords if they’re present within the Pastebin dumps as plain text.

Once you may have focused the e-mail, it’s a lot simpler to find Pastebin dumps associated to that e-mail with the assistance of Maltego.

Moreover, you possibly can even crack the hashed passwords with brute-forcing, and for those who crack that password right into a plaintext efficiently, you possibly can even apply it to different platforms if the particular person used the identical password.

Also, you may make a guess from an outdated password that how the account proprietor has constructed their new passwords.


All this information extracted from a single reconnaissance tool, you get one piece of information, i.e., a data set of the e-mail addresses, public to everybody, and with that information, you possibly can examine when and what precisely the data had breached from these official e-mail addresses.


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