Ethical Hacking Tools TorghostNG – Tool for making Internet Traffic Anonymous via Tor Network

TorghostNG – Tool for making Internet Traffic Anonymous via Tor Network

TorghostNG is a python based tool for making all of your internet traffic anonymous through Tor network/Proxy. It was rewritten utilizing Torghost repository as base.

Before you utilize TorghostNG

  • For the goodness of Tor network, BitTorlease traffic will probably be blocked by iptables. Although you may bypass it with some tweaks together with your torrent client. It’s difficult to completely block all torrent traffic.
  • For security reason, TorghostNG is gonna disable IPv6 to prevent IPv6 leaks.

Installing TorghostNG
TorghostNG currently supports:

  • GNU/Linux distros that based on Arch Linux
  • GNU/Linux distros that based on Debian/Ubuntu
  • GNU/Linux distros that based on Fedora, CentOS, RHEL, openSUSE
  • Solus OS
  • Alpine Linux
  • OpenWrt Linux
  • Void Linux
  • Slackware

To install TorghostNG, open your Terminal and enter these commands

git clone
cd TorghostNG
sudo python3
sudo torghostng

But with Slackware, you utilize sudo python3 to run TorghostNG :v

Help Menu

TorghostNG 1.0 - Make all of your internet traffic anonymized through TOR proxy
Rewritten from TorGhost with Python 3
usage: torghostng [-h] -s|-x|-id|-m|-c|-l|--list

-h, --help      Show this help message and exit
-s, --start     Start connecting to TOR
-x, --stop      Stop connecting to TOR
-id COUNTRY ID  Connect to TOR exit node of a particular nation. Go to to search nation ID
-mac INTERFACE  Randomly change MAC address. Use 'ifconfig' to point out interface devices
-c, --checkip   Check your current IP address
--nodelay       Disable delay time
-l, --language  Change the display language. English is the default
--list          Show the available languages list
-u, --update    Check for update
--dns           Use this to repair DNS when web site address cannot be resolved

You can combine multiple choices on the identical time, such as:

  • torghostng -s -m INTERFACE: Changing MAC address before connecting
  • torghostng -c -m INTERFACE: Checking IP address and changing MAC address
  • torghostng -s -x: Connecting to Tor after which stop :v

How to update TorghostNG
Open Terminal and kind torghostng -u with sudo to update TorghostNG, however i’ll download new TorghostNG to /root, since you run it as root. If you do not like that, you may type git pull -f and sudo python3

Notes before you utilize Tor
Tor cannot make it easier to completely anonymous, just almost:

It’s recommended that it’s best to use NoScript before before surfing the web with Tor. NoScript shall block JavaScript/Java/Flash scripts on web sites to verify they will not reveal your real identify.

And please

  • Don’t spam or perform DoS attacks with Tor. It’s not effective, you’ll only make Tor get hated and waste Tor’s cash.
  • Don’t torrent over Tor. If you should keep anonymous whereas utilizing torrents, use a no-logs VPN please.

Screenshots of Torghost (Version 1.0)

  • Changing MAC address: torghostng -m INTERFACE
  • Checking IP address: torghostng -c
  • Disconnecting from Tor: torghostng -x
  • Connecting to Tor exitnode in a particular nation: torghostng -id COUNTRY ID
  • Uninstalling TorghostNG: python3


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